What is it?

Tummy tuck surgery or abdominoplasty removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen as well as potentially addressing areas of “bulging.” In most cases, there is also a component of restoring weakened or separated abdominal muscles. The most common causes of a loose, sagging, or protruding abdomen include aging, pregnancy, significant weight fluctuations, prior surgery, and hereditary factors. Regardless of the cause, without a doubt, a more proportioned, firmer abdominal contour yields a more positive self-image. The procedure may be performed alone or in conjunction with liposuction to best address a patient’s abdominal contour.

Who is a candidate?

  • A healthy, non-smoking patient (>1 month) with a stable weight for at least 3-6 months
  • Displeased with an abdomen that is loose, protruding, or sagging


The procedure can be performed under IV/conscious sedation or general anesthesia. The technique includes:

  • Incision made below the bikini line in the lower abdomen. Incision length may be hip to hip (“full abdominoplasty”) or shorter (“mini-abdominoplasty”) depending on anatomy
  • Removal of excess skin and fat
  • Tightening of the abdominal muscles if indicated.
  • Incision around the navel to assist tightening skin of the upper stomach area (except in cases of “mini-abdominoplasty”)
  • Liposuction which may also be done simultaneously to address areas of fat deposits
  • Drain placement
  • Placement of a pain pump or injection of a long acting pain reliever for postoperative pain control


  • Outpatient Surgery
  • Result: Immediate
  • Pain: Variable. Oral pain medicine may be needed for up to 7-10 days
  • Special garment: A compression garment/abdominal binder will be placed at time of surgery and should be worn for at least 4 weeks.
  • Drain removal: Drains typically removed at 1 week.
  • Suture removal: All sutures are dissolvable
  • Activity/Shower/Driving restriction: Encouraged to walk immediately. May shower 2 days after surgery. May drive when no longer requiring narcotic pain medication. No strenuous activity/heavy lifting for 6 weeks.
  • Time off work: Expect to require at least 2 weeks off of work depending on job demands.
  • Follow-up: You will be seen in office following surgery at 1 week, 2 weeks, 6 weeks, and 3 months, and 6 months or as needed

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