Revision Breast Surgery

Revision breast surgery is a category-defining any breast surgery performed some time after an initial operation on the breast. The reasons for revision surgery are numerous (see below under “who is a candidate”). These surgeries are often very complex. Dr. Galanis’ extensive background in breast reconstruction uniquely qualifies him to take on some of the more challenging breast revision cases.

Who is a candidate?

A healthy, non-smoking (>1 month) patient

  • Significant capsular contracture

  • mplant which has "bottomed out" or slipped too low

  • Implant which has displaced laterally to the sides

  • Symmastia ("una-boob")

  • Nipple malposition

  • Implant rupture

  • Desire to change the size

  • Desire to remove the implant

  • Age-related changes in the breast

  • Displeasing scars

  • Need for more size reduction

  • Nipple malposition

  • Persistent or recurrent "drooping" of the breast

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The procedure may be performed under either IV or general anesthesia. The procedure includes the following

In most cases, the prior incisions may be used (no new incisions).

Capsule removal or modification (the capsule is the tissue that surrounds the implant and helps to define the shape of the breast as well as the position of the implant)

Breast tissue/skin reshaping


If you would like to learn more about breast revision surgery, please fill out our contact form and we will be happy to assist you! Alternatively, you can call to schedule a consultation to see Dr. Galanis in Beverly Hills at 310-858-8930.

Outpatient Surgery

Result: In many cases immediate although some changes may continue up to 3 months postoperatively.

Pain: Variable. Oral pain medicine may be needed for up to 7-10 days

Special garment: Depending on the surgery, a compression bra may be provided and should be worn for 2 weeks. A sports bra may be worn beginning at 2 weeks. A wire bra may not be worn until at least 4 weeks postoperatively.

Drain removal: Rarely placed; if placed typically removed by 1 week.

Suture removal: All sutures are dissolvable

Activity/Shower/Driving restriction: No restriction on daily activity. Encouraged to walk. May shower 2 days after surgery. No lifting greater than 10 pounds for 2 weeks. May drive when no longer requiring narcotic pain medication. No strenuous activity/heavy lifting for 6 weeks. These guidelines may change depending on the degree of revision required.

Time off work: Varies depending on the degree of revision. Expect to require anywhere from 3-14 days off of work depending on job demands.

Follow-up: You will be seen in office following surgery at 1 week, 2 weeks, 6 weeks, and 3 months or as needed

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