What is it?

Thermage® is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure which uses radiofrequency (RF) technology to help smooth and improve skin for an overall younger-looking appearance. It is applied in the office setting with minimal downtime. It is meant to smooth and tighten sagging skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles by stimulating collagen growth.

Who is a candidate?

A healthy patient who is displeased with sagging and loose skin in the following areas:

  • Eyes
  • Face
  • Neck
  • Body


The treatment is non-surgical and administered in the office by using a hand-held probe over the areas of interest.


  • Outpatient Procedure requiring anywhere from 45 minutes (face/neck) to 90 minutes (body)
  • Result: some results may be seen as early as a few days with continued improvement appreciated up to 6 months following treatment
  • Pain: Minimal; some patients report cooling and heating sensations
  • Activity/Shower/Driving restriction: No restrictions
  • Time off work: May return to work immediately
  • Follow-up: This will be determined by Dr. Galanis at the time of your treatment

If you would like to learn more about skin-tightening with Thermage, please fill out our contact form and we will be happy to assist you! Alternatively, you can call to schedule a consultation to see Dr. Galanis in Beverly Hills (310-858-8930).  This service is not available at the Chicago location.